The coronavirus pandemic leaves many businesses and organizations with an untapped communications strategy and lost as to where and how to begin again. Emerge with Renewed Purpose is your organization’s solution to how to communicate post-COVID-19. It is a communications program designed with an innovative combination of services to empower businesses and organizations to communicate personalized messages to stakeholder audiences. We design a set of services that best meet your organizations needs including media relations, social media, content, and more to align with your immediate needs and long-term objectives to address the current COVID-19 business climate. Emerge with Renewed Purpose Services:

  • Communications Audit: Examine the current communications climate within your organization industry and interview key stakeholders to determine services that best meet your organization’s needs.
  • Issue Management: Define strategies combined of coalition management, big data, media relations, advertising, digital engagement, and more to resolve the issue at hand. No matter the issue, Novitas is adept at conditioning the operating environment to ensure issues do not become full-fledged crises.
  • Digital Media: Create communications and messaging to better connect with audiences and stakeholders through tailored channels. Novitas will strategize your SEO, SEM and paid media needs, helping to find ways to keep your audiences connected during and after COVID-19 is our goal.
  • Content: From content creation for white papers, blogs, letters, social media, and websites to working on an email marketing campaign to deliver one-on-one messaging. Novitas will determine gaps and develop content to keep stakeholders informed.
  • Public and Media Relations: Develop effective newsworthy campaigns engaging narratives for stakeholder audiences. No organization or story is too big or too small for the right audience. From developing story angles, working with media and influencers, to protecting your reputation, our more than 40 years of combined experience is beside you along the way.
  • Crisis Communications: If your organization has reached a situation that is in crisis mode, Novitas can swiftly incorporate into meetings and strategy sessions to manage this crisis for your organization and stakeholders. With more than 20 years of crisis management experience, our team is on speed dial to take over the issues your facing.
  • Corporate Communications: Need help defining all stakeholders? Or simply need help ensuring your message reaches the stakeholders? Novitas will work with you on a plan to ensure stakeholders are well-informed during and after COVID-19.

About Novitas Communications Novitas Communications is a full-service public relations agency providing award-winning solutions and execution while instilling excellence and integrity into everything we do. We specialize in corporate communications, crisis communications, digital mediaissue management, and public and media relations for clients across the globe.

Novitas was founded on working with clients in highly-regulated industries and organizations, such as oil and gas, banking, housing, healthcare, education, insurance, and more. In the last few years, Novitas has extended its expertise in additional industries including technology, transportation, real estate, data centers, among other industries that are working to make a difference in communities. We have built a reputation since our founding of doing right by our clients and we believe that integrity should be the cornerstone of every business or organization.

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