After a crazy 2021, our team has created their list of resolutions to inspire and keep it real. Whether general resolutions or communications oriented, we are all working to reach greater heights in 2022. Take some time to reflect on this past year, the good and the bad. Then, join us in creating actionable goals to achieve your dreams this year.

Without further ado… here are our team member’s resolutions.


  • Be more present and less distracted in the day to day.
  • Start running more – thank God for Couch to 5K.
  • Stop using social media as a cure for boredom.
  • Eat more nutritious food.


  • Spend more time with friends.
  • Travel to Portugal, Costa Rica and Italy.
  • Spend time in Westcliffe, CO and see the stars.
  • Participate in some form of exercise every day.
  • Leave the office for safe face-to-face meetings.
  • Figure out how to escape from email torment.
  • Express gratitude daily to colleagues.


  • Be patient. Especially with my family.
  • Show kindness to everyone.
  • Get back to working out…sometime.


Rather than resolutions – I believe in intentions.
This year I intend to work harder at:

  • Helping our community and state be the strongest it can be – resilient and kind. Full of opportunity to all that wish to do well.
  • Slow down and really understand people better. What are they REALLY trying to say, how do they REALLY feel? What do the REALLY wish to accomplish?
  • Personally, be a better role model, in physical health, empathy and to gain, share and receive wisdom.


  • Make healthier choices.
  • Make more time for reading and less time for TV.
  • Get back to painting and other creative activities.
  • Be better about getting rid of things I don’t need – clothes, shoes, clutter, etc.
  • Work wise – articulate my thoughts more clearly for improved communication and outcomes.


  • Read something interesting every day (that is not a Tweet).
  • Play more.
  • Launch my death doula practice!


  • Create and stick to a budget.
  • Spend less time scrolling mindlessly on TikTok and more time reading and learning about something new.
  • Sleep more (I’m aiming for 6.5 hours at least!).


  • Reach out to family and friends more often.
  • Take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities Colorado offers.
  • Stay active and recommit to physical health.

Now that we’ve put it in writing, it’s time to move forward and stick to our goals. We’ll be holding each other accountable, so check back in for updates!