At Novitas, we highlight new team members to showcase their talent and our excitement to have them join the company. Our September employee feature is the fabulous Kayla Cash, senior associate. We are thrilled to have her join the team and look forward to seeing her grow at Novitas. Kayla recently moved to Denver and has more than five years of experience in public relations and local TV news. Here’s a little more about Kayla.

Give a little background information on yourself.

I grew up in Idaho; I’m a Vandal and Delta Gamma alum. After thoroughly enjoying college, I jumped into local TV news and wore many hats behind the teleprompter. I covered everything from goats in snuggies and viral trends, to protests and natural disasters, but journalism wasn’t my passion – it was public relations. I went from Idaho to California, where I became a wine enthusiast and avid beach-goer, before moving to Colorado with my favorite person (and our two dogs) to be closer to family, buy a house, and trade my wine glass in for a Denver beer pint. And no – I didn’t live on a potato farm in Idaho nor do I know much about potatoes… except that they’re the best food group.

What are you looking forward to about joining the Novitas team?

I’m excited to be involved in campaigns, learn about the Denver metro area, and watch a boutique agency grow! Plus, the team seems kinda cool.

Why do you enjoy working in the PR industry?

Advocacy messaging and developing entrusted relationships are what fuel the fire for me on a workday. I love when you can invoke emotion into your writing and help a great organization fulfill its mission. Plus, public relations can be very challenging (as they say, “you pay for marketing, you pray for PR”) which is extremely rewarding in and of itself, especially when you nail a great coverage piece for a client.

What has COVID-19 taught you to do at home? 

I’ve become a plant lover (and killer, oops, but I’m learning!), a believer in stress-relieving coloring books, and a mediocre cook with vegetables from our new garden – so thanks COVID-19!

What is your favorite meal?

Honestly? My favorite snack is a tortilla with cheese wrapped up like a taquito with Taco Bell’s fire sauce. Takes 30 seconds and doesn’t dirty dishes! But my favorite meal is a hearty steak, baked potato and steamed veggies.

What is your favorite part about living in Colorado?

Considering I moved in the day the Denver mayor put everything on lockdown so I have yet to see Denver – my house! Just kidding, I’ve gotten a small taste. I love the people, accessible city and all the options. It’s nice living in an area where my boyfriend and I both have friends and family, new places to check out, and a home much bigger (and cheaper) than our California apartment! The beach is great but affordability, diverse demographics and a breadth of possibilities makes it incredibly easier to enjoy having four seasons again.