At Novitas, we acknowledge and highlight our employees for their hard work and accomplishments. Our employee spotlight for October is Abigail Anello, associate. Abigail brings joy and spunk to all of our meetings, and we love having her around… not to mention her excellent work.

Give a little background information on yourself.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, my journey to Colorado began when I decided to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder in May 2015. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations, I moved to Denver and joined the Novitas team. I am passionate about Houston sports and Colorado’s ski season.

Why do you enjoy working in the PR industry?

Public relations continues to evolve as new social media platforms and technologies are introduced. I enjoy working in the industry as it pushes me to stay relevant and gives me a deeper understanding of media relations. As a young professional in crisis PR, there’s never a boring day at the office, which is stressful at times, but has major perks. Nothing’s more satisfying than producing a press release and successfully pitching to the media in a matter of hours and sometimes minutes.

What is your favorite thing about working at Novitas?

My favorite thing about being a Novitas employee is having the opportunity to work, learn and build relationships with our talented team. With that, my favorite task to do altogether is brainstorming ideas for potential clients. It is delightful and invigorating to collaborate and discuss campaigns as a team. Although we are working remotely for the time being, I look forward to the future when we will be sitting together at our conference table eating tacos and conversating.

What has COVID-19 taught you to do at home?

The coronavirus pandemic has taught me to truly enjoy the little things in life. Prior to COVID-19, I was constantly on the go doing as much as possible. The last seven months have disrupted our reality, but I appreciate how it has forced me to slow down and put thought into everything I do, from making coffee to taking my dog, Millie, on her morning walk. COVID-19 has also given me the chance to spend more time with my family. As the only person in my family living in Colorado, I am grateful to have spent a few months with my parents and look forward to spending more time at home during the holidays.

What is your favorite meal?

This is a very tricky question as I am a major foodie. As much as I love a home-cooked feast, my favorite meal is from a steakhouse in Texas, Georgia James. Nothing beats their porterhouse steak with brown butter roasted mushrooms and charred corn. To top it off, I always get their seasonal crème brûlée. My mouth is watering just from writing this paragraph. Yum!

What is your favorite part about living in Colorado?

The best part about living in Colorado is experiencing all the seasons. As a former Houstonian, I am used to having summer year-round. As an avid skier, I take pleasure in being able to wake up on a Saturday morning and drive to the mountains for the day to ski. Skiing used to be a luxury as it was unattainable when I was growing up in Houston, outside of vacations. Now, the Rocky Mountains are my backyard.