Legislative Communications


Each year, legislative sessions across the country bring changes to the regulatory environment. Sometimes the changes are wanted or necessary…but sometimes these changes can impact your ability to remain economically viable. That’s when it’s time to fight.

We let the lobbyists do what they do best inside the Capitol, but who’s fighting for you in the court of public opinion? We are. Challenging issues require a deep passion for clients and their work, and that’s where legislative communications and media relations come into play.

With Novitas on your side, you’ll control your narrative in the media while keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.  In today’s harsh political climate, we aren’t entrenched in our political corners. We are a bipartisan firm committed to bringing differing viewpoints to the table to ensure that we’re thinking ahead and best serving your stakeholders.

Novitas has over 20 years of experience in legislative communications and works with each client to develop a strategic plan to address the bills and legislation you and your organization face.

Reach out today to discover why Novitas was named one of the nation’s most innovative and strategic PR firms in the United States.

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