Crisis Communications


When a crisis arises, it is crucial to control the narrative. At Novitas, we have a proven track record of crisis communications with clients from across the world. Dealing with a major national crisis like COVID-19 or Hurricane Maria? Our team will put together a plan in a matter of moments and will be alongside you to navigate the crisis. Working on something smaller and more localized? We’ve done that too. We can support your team, or take on the management of the crisis, we work with companies and organizations of all sizes.

We come from a diverse set of backgrounds allowing us to build a crisis strategy and plan that will ensure your organization’s voice is heard and allow you to control the narrative with media, stakeholders, employees, etc. Our team has strength in the ability to accommodate a variety of issues while executing impeccably for our clients. The approach we take is to apply an array of proven tools throughout the crisis to manage your organization’s reputation.

Whether you are anticipating a crisis and designing a plan or are in the middle of one, our PR experts are ready and willing to take on some of the toughest challenges. We go to the ends of the earth for our clients and will for you, too.

Interested in crisis insurance? Check out our PR Protect plan.

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