Marijuana-infused candy raises Colorado Halloween concerns

Marijuana-infused candy raises Colorado Halloween concerns

USA Today, October 22, 2014

By Trevor Hughes

DENVER – Some Colorado parents are worried their kids might come home with something dangerous after trick-or-treating this Halloween: marijuana-infused candy.

Colorado on Jan. 1 legalized the sale of recreational pot, and foods like chocolates, mints and gummy bears infused with marijuana quickly became best-sellers, accounting for as much as 45% of sales at some pot shops. But once unwrapped, the candies are hard to tell apart from their non-infused counterparts, and that has some people worried. Denver police have issued a video alert highlighting the similarities between regular and marijuana candy.

“There’s really no way a child or a parent or anybody, even an expert in the field, to tell you whether a product is infused or not,” Patrick Johnson, the owner of Urban Dispensary in Denver, said in the police video.

“Marijuana candy is a real concern,” said Rachel O’Bryan of SMART Colorado, a lobbying group working to keep pot out of the hands of kids. “Parents don’t know, many parents don’t know, marijuana is in candy. We see this as a problem and we don’t believe it’s being blown out of proportion, and we do believe that marijuana in candy appeals to kids.” […]