Colorado regulators can’t answer basic pot questions

“Despite a much-heralded system designed to track every marijuana plant grown and sold, and to independently test samples, Colorado’s recreational pot marketplace very much remains “buyer beware,” in large part because state regulators can’t answer basic questions about the industry they oversee […]”

Pot edibles still not a wrap

“Tensions between marijuana-industry stakeholders and those attempting to protect children from accidental ingestion continued Monday during the last gathering of a workgroup, resulting in little progress […]”

Pot-infused edibles: One toke over the line in Colorado?

“Marijuana shops have sprouted across Denver ever since Colorado legalized the drug for adults in January, but the popularity of pot-infused edibles has surprised authorities, and parents are seeking a ban ahead of Halloween […]”

New Scrutiny on Sweets With Ascent of Marijuana in Colorado

“As Halloween approached, the Denver Police Department and a marijuana-store owner teamed up to film a public service video that could exist only in this weird new world of legalized pot. Marijuana, they cautioned parents of trick-or-treaters, does not always look like marijuana […]”

Meyer: Spot the pot candy, Colorado

“There ought to be a law. No company should be allowed to buy children’s candy in bulk, spray it with viscous marijuana hash oil, and sell it as marijuana edibles […]”

CannaBadge Supports Voluntary Labeling Requirements for Cannabis Products

“CannaBadge, the developer of an edible frosting label that is applied on cannabis-infused products such as cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes, commented on the recent news that Colorado regulators may ban forms of edible marijuana, until stricter controls on labeling can imposed […]”