Best Practices in Community Engagement

Over the past four years, Novitas has worked to encourage community engagement from David vs. Goliath grassroots initiatives here in Colorado to sustainable energy efforts in Puerto Rico. Regardless of the industry, positive engagement with communities helps to establish trust, build respect and understanding, and open lines of communication.

I Don’t Need PR (and Other Misconceptions)

  Occasionally, we are brought into a crisis communications situation. Some are minor, but others are pretty major and threaten a business’ ability to operate. Once the dust settles, too often the CEO or communications leader reflects and says, “We were keeping our head down, performing well for our clients and, then, we were blindsided […]

Tips and Tricks for Content Creation

One of the keys to a fantastic social media presence is, well, content. But if you’re a small business or working in a specialized industry, creating content for social media can be a Herculean effort, especially when companies have so many other, more tangible metrics to manage. Today I’ll walk you through five strategies for building a perfect content calendar.